in 1979, kenny took on a more excitingrole for planet six,  devoting more time and energy to the incorporationof the rhodes sound in every work that walked out of studio 7's door...  or do we give a shit?

time was a damn funnything back then.   we wanted to design each studio with a built-in"karma organizer" for those rainy, stormy, and oh so turbulent dayz   -willy had designed the thing when he had been back home four years beforestudio three even existed     -there was somethingabout pulling a lever and standing on one foot,bubble gum....  it was gonna be great...    later on the next year on hisway to a pot-luck being held for the Jubilee Duck Hunter's club  there was a terrible jeep accident     -willy plowedinto a stacked pile of telephone poles and was thrown fifty feet into theair     - when he came to in the hospital, he couldn'tremember any of it, the impact, the explosion of the fruit salad onto highway24, and most importantly --- the ideas for the karma organizer          -a week later we  all went back to the scene of the accident lookingfor the plans that willy had sworn to us that he had drawn up   -twisted metal pieces, splintered wood, blood and crusty peach cuts wereall that we found  - actually, we did find one piece of paper butall it said was  "squeezy mama pork"   -willy never couldexplain that one to us      -but every so often,we could hear him screaming it upstairs in his bedroom in the middle ofthe night....   something like:  "YOU GODDAMN SUnuv BItc......mumble....ere's...catSHIT ALL Over my be....d..mumblemumble  CRASH Thumpthump iTS IN myEYes ... a.aaaagghhhhHHHH!!!!!!!!....mumblemumbSQUEezy pork  Mamaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!............          those crazy sunny daze